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Retirement Announcement  

I've run a DJ business in Albuquerque for twenty plus years and have decided to go ahead and retire from the industry at the end of 2022.  I have a few events for 2023 booked and will for sure fulfill those responsibilities.  I recently received a one-star review on Google which was filled with lies.  I've put years and years of sweat and blood to get where I've been, and someone can just come along and destroy everything with just a few keystrokes.  The industry is just not a viable profession anymore if someone can just do something like that.  Luckily, I have an extensive professional education to fall back on.  I'm divorcing the ugliness of the corrupted event environment, but I will always be a DJ at heart, so you may see me on twitch from time to time.  Much love and respect to everyone out there.


As more information has come in from the situation surrounding the Google review I received; it looks like it was a setup that was instigated by another local DJ.  I'm in a weird position because I've already announced my retirement, so I can't go back on that.  But, I've amassed extensive experience in this field which has made me a physician of the craft, and it's hard for me to completely walk away knowing that the review was completely bogus.  I now have two specific requirements.  

I perform at only four specific event locations in Albuquerque, and two event locations in Santa Fe.  I have excellent working relations with the management at those locations, and fully trust in their abilities.  The only exception to this rule is for unique locations that are outdoors and/or at houses; I will always be interested in those events.

I no longer do events for people that have other people such as a parent, family member, or friend pay for the DJ.  I just can't do events anymore for those that can't afford their own expenses; it has to do with a certain level of maturity.

DJ Evan