2024 Prom Dances Completed

I had a great time with all these future leaders.  Many of these graduates will go on to do awesome things for themselves, family, and friends. 

 My advice?  Think of education/school as a tool to help you accomplish what you were chosen to do in this world.  Congratulations!!!!

A Strange Letter

I recently received this letter in the mail.  Unbeknownst to me, it looks like I was in the running to be voted in this magazine as "Best Local Club DJ," and won... I think, maybe, mmmmm...

The letter was addressed to my residence, and there are no other DJs who live here.  There's even a large sticker, and a frame-able poster.  The strange thing is that the name posted on the award was different from my name; I blurred out the name to protect the innocent, so to speak.  The name on there was completely ambiguous, and no one I've ever heard of.

I have a feeling that some of my clients, and fellow vendors may have put my name in for this award.  If this is the case, I am eternally grateful.  I seem to have a silent, but powerful group of people that support what I do.  It's like someone who votes in your favor at the secret ballot box when no one else can see who they voted for.  

In the end, I wouldn't have been able to accept this award because I'm not a CLUB DJ per se.  Maybe that's why the organization made the name mistake on the award;  seems like a Freudian slip.  Either way, I love my silent supporters, and I know that they run the risk of being excluded by their collective because they've been forced to recommend their own group members.  Or, a competitor DJ might blow a fuse if they learn I've been recommended by a photographer or venue.  Either way, I know you are out there, and that is the award for me.

P.S. I received this letter AFTER the magazine was printed and issued... very strange.

A Real Award

This award means so much to me.  I've been doing an annual event for this group for the past ten years now.  Other DJs with fancy words have even tried to step in to take this event from me.  Any ordinary DJ can get a couple's choice award, but this acknowledgement is worth 1000 times more to me than anything like that.  This award signifies that it's all about what you DO, and not what you say that matters.  I blurred out the Chief Officer's name for his privacy.  

#1 on Yelp

Check out my number one DJ spot on Yelp at:

I've worked hard in order to have the number one wedding DJ position in Albuquerque.  Yelp is an organization that disallows the posting of phoney reviews.  Yelp is the big fish, so to speak, when it comes to credibility.  Where one DJ has 100 or more reviews on other platforms they pay money to, they may have only 2 or 3 reviews on Yelp.  The news organizations consistently use Yelp when posting articles citing the best in any field.  I earned the top position through consistency, integrity, and skill.  This is the award that really means something.

Clash of the Wedding DJs

It's time to settle the argument.  I'm sure a nightclub or bar would love to host this event.  We'll livestream it on Twitch.  Think they will step up?  Would you like to see this event?  Contact me.

String Lighting System

I've been asked a number of times if we can provide string lighting for events since I mostly do outdoor events.  Yes we do.