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Red Sapphire DJ Service

Albuquerque DJs For Classic Couples

DJ Packages

All DJ packages include wedding and event schedule coordination, customized playlists, planning outlines, wired and wireless microphones.

Basic Package

The basic package is perfect for areas where space is limited such as tented events for instance.  This package features an excellent light show, and has awesome sound.  Contact me for video of what this system looks like.

Classic Package

The Classic package design produces excellent sound, and lighting in any sized environment.  This exciting system features two standing trusses, and an elegant mirror ball.  Contact me for video of what this system looks like.

Truss Package

The truss package is just the coolest thing ever.  The aluminum trussing is concert grade, and has reflective qualities that match perfectly with the advanced LED lighting.  This system features four moving heads, four additional advanced DJ effects, and color changing truss warmers.  It's the most expensive package, but it's also the most satisfying so to speak.  You sort have to experience it to understand.  Contact me for video of this system.

Truss package prom dancing
the truss package

Customized Packages

Customized packages are always available to clients that require a specific design concept.  This includes anything from additional speakers, flown trussing, lasers, fog machines, multi-screen video projection, black-lighting, concert moving heads, and pretty much anything you would like.  We also offer advanced power distribution.