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Posted by Red Sapphire DJ Entertainment on November 17, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Not all venues are equal so to speak, and that is a great thing because there are so many people with different personalities and tastes.  The key to picking a venue is to ask, "Would this venue fit my personality?"  These clients are from Boston, so they went with a place that has a more wooden sort of speakeasy type of atmosphere.  Being there felt like you were part of this secret underground party being held by people from the roaring 20s.  They had the wedding ceremony at a gorgeous location nestled in the mountains, so you also had the elegance there. 

Places like this bring out personalities, and let people loosen up.  I love these venues that have deep histories where some claim that a ghost lives in one of the hotel rooms, that it was a former hideout for mobsters, or that old movies were filmed there.  Some places are huge, and can hold tons of people, and those can be just as fun so long as it fits your personality.

I did another event this year where the clients were scary movie fans, and they had their wedding at a former psychiatric facility which had been remodeled.  These types of venue decisions are one the best ways to make people remember your event because people generally associate things in groups.  Sometimes if a venue, a photographer, DJ, or wedding officiant doesn't really fit into your framework of ideas it can seem disjointed.

Sometimes I meet with a potential client, and they may say that this other DJ offered to do my event for 10% off whatever you quote me.  I then will ask, "Is the owner of the DJ company doing your event?"  When they reply, "no," then it throws the framework into limbo.  You will constantly be asking, "Who is going to really DJ my event, and what is their personality going to be?"  That's why you can never go off the idea that you can match services. Just like you can't match the service provided from one doctor to another; you can't match the service provided from one DJ to another.  We all have different styles, abilities, and personalities.  The key to all of this is to make sure to match up those personalities with your own, so that you can achieve that "flow-state" for the event.

The beauty of my position being the owner who DJs all the events is that people get what they see.  I don't have to force my way into doing an event for someone like the multi-op companies do just to fill a spot on the calendar. If a client meets with me and they get a feeling like my prices are too low, too high, our personalities don't align, or for whatever reason, then I don't take it personally at all.  The relationships and marriages that I see last are those where it's not forced; these two people come together in a natural way.  This is the same way you should look at how to pick a venue, and any other vendor for that matter.

Thanks for reading.