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DJ Qualities: Versatility & Flexibility

Posted by Red Sapphire DJ Entertainment on November 26, 2014 at 7:00 PM


Many DJs will place the quality of their DJ services on an ability to mix songs, and turntable scratching. These are easy skills to practice and learn, and anyone that calls him or herself a DJ should be able to mix with turntables. I’m always practicing with turntables, and other midi controllers in order to keep sharp. Most of the time you will find these types of DJs at nightclubs and bars; I was also a nightclub DJ as well. But, that ability doesn’t mean that a turntable DJ will be able to provide what you are looking for in the Mobile DJ production realm.

Say for instance your big wedding day has arrived, and all your vendors are set to arrive at a particular time. Everything looks nice, and people are in high spirits. Suddenly your venue manager informs you that the live music group you hired for your ceremony hasn’t arrived yet, and it’s only 30 minutes from the ceremony start time.

Or, what if the ceremony musician cancelled on you three days before the wedding date, which I’ve personally seen happen. You’ve called around, and no one is available to do music. And, because you went with a one-trick-pony DJ company, they don’t have a separate ceremony system that can be used to play ceremony music. Or, if they do, the DJ company owner sees that you are in a pinch, and wants to charge you an obscene amount for that option. Believe me, there are DJs who do stuff like this.

Because I have a standardized DJ brochure, you get to see the products and prices on everything I provide, so there’s no chance of price gouging. I bring doubles of everything, and always bring all my gear for any options that the client decides they want. This means that I can step-in to make sure everything runs according to plan.

Let’s say that you are a month out from your event, and you decide you want video projection because you want to pay tribute to your family. Or, that you now have your heart set on video recording your ceremony. These are options that we can provide at anytime. Versatility is a key attribute that your mobile DJ should have.

Before you hire a multi-op company with an owner who is going to stick you with someone they pulled off the street to do your event, first ask yourself if this DJ is versatile enough to provide what I need in case something changes, or what if an emergency occurs. It’s the smart thing to hire a DJ that has a number of skills and tools they can employ if needed. It may be as simple as a DJ who owns a nice wedding canopy that he can use for outdoor ceremonies or receptions for protection from rain or sunlight. In the end, the ability to mix with turntables is nice (and is something I do), but not as important as having the versatility to produce an event with many facets.


You have the best idea as to who will be attending your event, and also what your tastes are in music. At Red Sapphire, I always sit down with you or talk over the phone to discuss what your music flavors will be for your event. There are DJs that will tell a client, “Oh, we don’t play that type of music,” or, “I don’t grant requests because we are only allowed to play certain songs.” These are often excuses for the fact that they have prerecorded sets! Yes, you’d be surprised how many times a DJ company will send out an employee with a mp3 file of a mix that was previously mixed on the company computer system. Can anyone say Paris Hilton? It’s also an excuse used if the DJ has no idea what good songs come from that genre of music, and they eventually close their minds on the genre.

I am proud to say that I have one of the most eclectic libraries of music in Albuquerque. I am constantly getting exposed to new music that I wouldn’t know about if I acted like a inflexible DJ that only played the conventional stuff. You want your event to have a unique sound that’s different from every other generic wedding that season. This gives your event a more tailored sound that people actually remember. I’ve played everything from northern NM music to Brazilian Samba, and everything in between.

I recently had a client meeting with a future bride who told me that another DJ they were interviewing told her straight out that he doesn’t play country music. What?? How can you call yourself a DJ in Albuquerque, and you don’t know any good country songs to play? Now that is a close-minded DJ.

The main point is to be careful with DJs that have enormous egos because they are the least flexible. They are easily spotted by their desire to tell you what you want, or they throw a list of fake reviews at you to inflate their self-worth, and seem like an authority figure. At a wedding, you are seeking to bring your guests into your world, and give them a distinctive experience. Music is a large part of that process. Flexibility is an important quality because it allows for a free discussion of ideas, and seeks to involve all parties in the process of achieving your vision. Don’t let an arrogant DJ control your event; it’s your vision, and it should remain so.

Thanks for reading.

DJ Evan