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The Intelligent Client

Posted by Red Sapphire DJ Entertainment on October 8, 2014 at 4:45 PM

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients on all levels. Over the many years that I’ve been a DJ, I’ve noticed a particular tendency, being that my clients come from astute backgrounds. Many are doctors, radiologists, dentists, optomitrists, business leaders, lawyers, accountants, military leaders, and major corporations. When I do events for younger folks they often are leaders in their own schools such as student organization presidents, or ROTC leaders.

This tendency leans toward a more mature group of clients. With maturity comes experience, and folks with experience have seen a number of things in their lives that have an effect on their decision making, and in particular their ability to prepare for the future. A number of my clients have hired DJs in the past, and have decided on a different strategy for planning their current event. Many have stories of DJs that charged them a boatload of money, and didn’t deliver proper entertainment. In some cases, the assigned DJ from the multi-dj company didn’t even show up, and they don’t want to experience the same thing again.  Or, the DJ didn't follow the client's wishes, and played electro music all night instead of a balanced mix of genres.

Close to 85% of my clients come from friends and family of prior clients that I’ve worked with. Or, they come from people that have seen me DJing an event, and come up to ask for a card. I will often get a call or email a few days after that, and most of my new clients come from that transaction. The potential client sees what I do in person, and they decide they want their night to flow just like that.

Having established that my clients come from experienced and perceptive backgrounds, I don’t often get calls from the less perceptive clients. These clients don’t understand that throwing money at an issue doesn’t solve something they need to devote time to. They are often less experienced than the clients who consider all angles. They are not bad people by any means, but are more prone to make decisions in the heat of the moment based on slick and desperate sales tactics. This client will often end up overpaying for a DJ service because they think price if the only factor in making a decision. Meanwhile, the expensive DJ is not thinking about how smart the client is, but how easy it was to trick them into paying an inflated price for an inferior service.

Our prices are purposefully made for those clients who earn their own money, and are smart enough to know when they are getting swindled by slick sales talk. These clients are unselfish people who want to provide a wonderful time for their guests. They are responsible, and selective about what they want. When they sit down at a table with others they want to say they had an awesome DJ for their event, and not that hired the most expensive.

I’ve had many clients who are experienced and wise. They know what it feels like to be “tricked by business,” in the famous words of Macklemore. They can identify slick sales tactics such as a DJ waiving a stack of papers in front of them saying that these are clients that didn’t book in time, and we turned them down. That sales tactic, by the way, is called the “Takeaway Close.” If the DJ is so desperate to get you booked for a date, then what motivations does he have? Probably so he can pay his inflated business expenses, or to fill a spot for one of his subordintate DJs. None of this translates to you having a quality DJ, only an expensive one.

Take your time, and don’t feel pressured to sign with a smooth talking salesperson who isn't even DJing your event. If the person you are talking with is pressuring you to sign a contract rather than developing a sense of trust with you, then remember that it is now a buyer’s market; there are probably 70 DJs in Albuquerque that can perform at your event. Look around and find a DJ that suits your approach because it will benefit both you, as well as, the DJ. Be the intelligent consumer; don’t get tricked into paying $100.00 for a McDonald’s cheeseburger, so to speak.

With multi-op companies that send out multiple DJs on a particular night, there are often many problems that arise. A client will call the owner of the company, and the owner will respond with something like, “I will talk with your DJ about the problem, and that will never happen again.” It’s a way of passing the blame off to a subordinate, and often times it never actually gets discussed or fixed. My clients hire me because they understand that through my experience as a DJ over 20 + years, I’ve honed my craft to the point where I’ve seen nearly every situation, and can react properly. They would rather have the owner perform at their event than a subordinate because it cuts out the need to consult with someone else, and the owner actually cares about the event. My clients understand that I can make decisions in real time, and in that regard they receive a more efficient and stable service.

Cheers to the intelligent client.

DJ Evan